Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life as it is.....

Last I blogged I said I was going to post a picture of the bridesmaid’s dresses but no luck. I tried soo many flippin times while we were at the bridal shop but the sales lady was totally catching onto me. At one point I went into the change room with one of my girls to sneak and pic but it didn't turn out at all( the lighting in those change rooms are terrible!) and after trying to get a decent shot, which never happened I could see the sales lady from underneath the door passing back and forth wondering why we were in the change room together for so long considering that on the back wall in the change room it had a huge sign saying "absolutely no pictures be taken of gowns" hahaha.... oh wow… too funny. I found a similar pic of dress that looks like ours so I'll post that one. Today I go to get my invitations done!!! I 'm totally excited and relived they will soon be taken care of. The style I picked out is so pretty, they are the same colors as my wedding colors black, white, and siege. I would say there kind of simple but at the same time very classy, I love them!!! so in other words things are coming along really wonderfully. I've booked my consultation with my makeup Artist and today I’ll also be looking into getting my hair stylist for the girls and I. On Sat my fiancĂ© goes to get his measurements done for his tux which I must say he looks very handsome in!.... that was kinda random hahaa I think I just wanted to talk about him one way or another haahhaha anyways gotta run!

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